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EP_18 California SuperBike School with Steve Brouggy

In this episode James & Mel have a chat with Steve Brouggy who is the top of the pile when it comes to rider training in Australia. Steve’s knowledge and insights into riding a motorcycle is fascinating… The California SuperBike School which originated in the USA by Keith Code is the worlds biggest rider training […]

EP_17 Looking After Your Bike

In this episode James & Mel share some tips and tricks while out on the road with regard to keeping your bike clean and some basic maintenance tips. Mel tries to explain to James something about a torch and he has no idea what she’s talking about! Enjoy! 🙂

EP_16 The risks we all take

In this episode Mel & James have a very interesting chat to Judith Kuerschner. Judith lost her husband in a motorcycle crash and she witnessed the horror of that crash happening right in front of her. Since the crash a couple years ago Judith has been campaigning for road rule changes and education of drivers and riders alike. […]

EP_15 MotoGP Mugello & Rossie

What an exciting race Mugello was… This is what MotoGP is all about. Rossie explains how he feels post race after his engine failure and Lorenzo has to fight for the win…Epic stuff!  


In this episode we have a guest host Warrick Bidwell a fellow podcaster, friend & motorcyclist. Mel & I have to chat to Warrick about how being a motorcyclist has unexpectedly improved all of our lives. Waz is a very knowledgable guy and together we have a very entertaining and hilarious banter… Enjoy!


In this race update Mel & James discuss the highs and lows of the Le Mans Grand Prix from MotoGP, Moto3 & Moto2. There is also some banter about Rossie’s performance at Jerez and rider placements for 2017… Enjoy!

Episode_11 Group Rides

In this episode James has a chat about the pros and cons of riding within a group… And the experiences of our most recent ride with Joe’s ride days. I have an informative chat with a friend and listener to the show regarding the right tyre choices for this type of riding. And we list […]

Episode 10 – Riding Styles & Electronics

Episode 10 is recorded live while on a 3 day group ride from the banks of the beautiful Clarence River in Grafton NSW. It is an un-edited chat about riding styles and electronics on modern bikes and how our physical stature can enhance or hinder your riding style. We all have our own personal riding […]

Episode_9 Why We Ride

In this episode Mel & James share some stories about pivotal moments of riding a motorcycle. We have am insert from a NSW politician who is passionate about changing the laws and attitude around motorcycling in Australia. And there is the usual banter….