Relationships with Our Bikes and Partners

Sharing a common interest in a relationship is pretty important, and motorcycling together is one of the best. As we ride with those we love, we are reminded of what it means to compromise, to communicate, to have pure, undiluted fun—all the makings of a strong relationship! Its a bond that sure can be created to be even stronger than ever! Enjoying the open roads, scenery and the sense of the word “freedom” that is often mentioned as a part of motorcycling’s D.N.A. Often the destination is not as important, as the planning and talking of which roads you are going to ride…and the possibility of the exciting destinations that are to be reached. What to do when you arrive there? Even if it is as simple as having a cold beer with a view after a fulfilling day riding. Your tastes or preferences might even be different, but the desire to get out and see the world together is a strong bond that will take you far; from planning your journey, preparing, packing, and counting down the days, to sharing inside jokes and photos when you return.

Communication can often become easier and healthier. Disagreements can happen often and easily in the bubble of our everyday lives. The glory of our bikes is that it offers perspective; a chance to see the bigger picture and focus on the other in a more understanding, patient, and loving way.

Traveling is not always comfortable, just as relationships are not. Sometimes it’s hot; sometimes it’s raining; sometimes you get sick as a dog. Discomfort reveals our strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, it shines a light on the love for each other and the LOVE we have with our motorbikes and each other! Your partner helps you, and you help your partner. You work through the uncomfortable stretches and keep riding.

New experiences can often reveal new dimensions, especially when we are riding a long distance. If you’re in need of more reasons to appreciate the person you love, take a trip, because travel is revealing. You’ll come home having discovered new talents, new preferences, and new sides of the person you thought you already knew well.
It also allows us to be truly Living in the moment.
Ultimately, couples who travel together stay together because they never lose sight of what it means to live in the moment—to be blissfully happy, unburdened, and driven by love and adventure. Living to build their lives upon the joy of exploration, the beauty of what is discovered on the road, and the gratitude for each moment they get to spend together.

Maybe not having a partner to share in the fun in motorcycling, is not a bad thing either, it is our two wheeled beast that very much is a part of who we are. Choosing that motorcycle that you feel at one with..closely bonded when we carve up the twisties or on those long open roads where our motored beast becomes one with us..No Questions, rules and often less costly than with a human partner LOLS.

   Our listeners Stories and Photo’s:


Ant and I met after I invited him to join ddr our first meeting was at Crows Nest lunch (very awkward as ant 🐜 didn’t have updated pic lol) we often ride together, pull up at lights have a little flirt, rev a bike or two lol 😁. Jennette. G

I do a fair bit of 2 up riding with my partner. Nothing better then just jumping on and heading off for the day. We will cover any kind of surface because we do it on my adventure bike. We can easily spend all day riding covering hundreds of kms or spend an afternoon hitting some dirt roads just looking for something different. Other times my partner takes her bike and we just ride sometimes chating on the headsets…’s good. Grant M


I rode two up for many years, then decided to get my own bike. These days, it’s rare to get me on the back !
I LOVE riding with a passion, I had no idea existed ❤️

Having said that, I miss being on the back and sharing that closeness with my hubby. I also miss seeing all the scenery, and taking photos of everything.

But when we stop, after a spirited ride thru the hills, each on our own bikes, there is no feeling like the passion we both feel at that moment in time. I love chasing him thru the corners !

We both have a special connection with our bikes, Zak has had his 34yr old Z11a for over 20yrs, and it’s his main ride bike, going to Tassie, and many trips to Phillip Island.
My 16yr old Raptor joined the family just 3yrs ago, and I would never part with her. She has made 3 trips to the island already, with another planned for this year.

Our bikes are a piece of who we are. Frankie and Zac ZFrankie and Zac Z

Bike is like a family member, this one is up to 170,000 ks, partner supports it or wouldn’t be my partnered 🙂  Shane H

John F Duo

 Just purchased my KTM 390 Duke and my favourite bike my postie Ted….Cheers Bear

Graham S

Teela and i have been riding together for about 6 years now, it rates as one of our favorite things to do. 

We have ridden half way around Australia and seen some amazing sights, but the big thing we love is riding together we always feel closer and enjoy each others company, it is one of the things that makes me love motorcycling is the time i get with my wife. Graham & Teela S


His & Hers.  Ben C.


We have a bike each..bought her one for her 53rd birthday…but we also love to ride together on my land yacht. Michael G